Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford: Oxford University Press.Toaleta toaletní záchod toilet toilette, toilette, abort, klo, wC necesejo inodoro lavabo servicios váter aseo, wC käymälä kylpyhuone lävä miestenhuone toilettes toilette.-c.

In the early 19th century, public officials and public hygiene experts studied and debated sanitation for several decades.2800 BC toilets were built into the outer walls of homes.In Roman civilization, toilets using flowing water were sometimes part of public bath houses.

A crucial advance in plumbing, was the S-trap, invented by the Scottish mechanic Alexander Cummings in 1775, and still in use today.23 24 The Indus Valley Civilization also had water-cleaning toilets that used flowing water in each house that were linked with drains covered with burnt clay bricks.55 It perhaps derives from "jacques" and "jakes an old English term.