Obscurity may arise from the use of equivocal expressions, of metaphorical phrases, or of eccentric words.Taking all this together, Aristotle offers the view that the soul is the first actuality of a natural organic body ( DA 412b56 that it is a substance as form of a natural body which has life in potentiality ( DA 412a201) and, again, that.The difference resides in this: the one speaks of what has happened, and the other of what might.

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But if one chooses instead the life of a philosopher, then one will look to a different standardthe fullest expression of theoretical wisdomand one will need a smaller supply of these resources.Nor, indeed, does he offer any principled grounding for just these categories of being, a circumstance which has left him open to further criticism from later philosophers, including famously Kant who, after lauding Aristotle for coming up with the idea of category theory, proceeds.

He stayed three year and, while there, married Pythias, the niece of the King.First, Aristotle argues, forms are powerless to explain changes of things and a thing's ultimate extinction.