Pronunciation edit Noun edit piece ( plural pieces ) A part of a larger whole, usually in such a form that it is able to be separated from other parts.Derived terms edit Middle French edit Etymology edit From Old French piece, from Vulgar Latin *pettia, from Gaulish *petty, from Proto-Celtic *kesdis (piece, portion).

( baseball ) Used to describe a pitch that has been hit but not well, usually either being caught by the opposing team or going foul.Shakespeare Thy mother was a piece of virtue.

Noun edit piece f ( oblique plural pieces, nominative singular piece, nominative plural pieces ) piece, bit, part circa 1170, Chrétien de Troyes, Érec et Énide : Que del hiaume une piece tranche.2005, Bloody War, in Certified, performed by David Banner: I wanted peace, but now my piece is clearing out the block.