Cambridge English Corpus, the target stability was studied using the optical backlighting technique.The pilot project has been extended to cover pluri-annual and permanent crop monitoring using Radar imagery in conjunction with optical satellite data.The emission source may be a light-emitting diode optically bound with the emission filtration block and the microchip by means of optical elements, lenses and mirrors, for example.

Cambridge English Corpus, the characterization of these regimes has an obvious interest in calculating plasma optical properties because it provides valuable information.Cambridge English Corpus, the optical properties of the device can be altered by applying a field whose distorting influence on the liquid crystal opposes that of the surfaces.

In the experiment, the focusablity into a fused-quartz might be reduced due to a poor optical homogeneity by a strong striation.Some of these recommendations, such as sound signals and optical signs, have been incorporated.Planning has been undertaken with the optical disk system to make methodological publications available on the Internet in 2000.