In a typewriter, calculator etc, one of the parts which one presses to cause a letter etc to be printed, displayed etc.The scale in which a piece of music is set.

Patience will help you save in the long run while helping you get the look and feel you've always dreamed for your home.Extremely or crucially important key issues a key moment in the game a key member of the staff : a low island or reef specifically : any of the coral islets off the southern coast of Florida the Florida.A pin, bolt, wedge, or other piece inserted in a hole or space to lock or hold parts of a mechanism or structure together; a cotter.

April 2019 5 Ineffective Money Saving Habits (and What You Should Do Instead).Call Us 1-800-KEY2YOU, clients using a TDD/TTY device.In a map etc, a table explaining the symbols etc used.