Explore m, origin of factor 140050; late Middle English facto(u)r Latin factor maker, perpetrator, equivalent to fac(ere) to make, do -tor -tor.As an example, consider a random sample from the letters vector, which is part of the base R distribution.See Section  for details.

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Levels: 1 2 3 rdata rdata 1 I II II III III III III III.Multiples of units can also be specified through the breaks argument.Hint: Look at the example above for finding all the factors.

The steward or bailiff of an estate.So 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 12 are the factors.To change this, we can simply use another call to factor table(factor(lets1:5) a k q s z To exclude certain levels from appearing in a factor, the exclude argument can be passed to factor.