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Model 1E) Socket 1156 LGA 2-channel DDR3 Variants 750S.40 GHz/3.20 GHz Turbo Boost 750.66 GHz/3.20 GHz Turbo Boost 760.80 GHz/3.33 GHz Turbo Boost Clarkdale (Core i5 1st Generation) 32 nm process technology 2 physical cores/ KB L1 cache 256 KB L2 cache 4 MB L3 cache Introduced January, 20 LGA 2-channel DDR3 Integrated.Data bus width: 16 bits, address bus: 24 bits Included memory protection hardware to support multitasking operating systems with per-process address space.64-bit processors: Intel 64 Skylake microarchitecture edit Core i3 (6th Generation) edit Skylake (Core i3 6th Generation) 14 nm process technology 2 physical cores/4 threads 34 MB L3 cache Introduced Q3' LGA 2-channel DDR3L-1333/1600, DDR4-1866/2133 Integrated GPU Intel HD Graphics 530 (only i3-6098P have HD Graphics 510).